Getting There

Heathrow Terminal 5 is well served by public transport of all kinds, and there are numerous taxi and car hire firms operating in and around the airport. However, it is notorious among many passengers as being difficult to reach airport, with a location right on the edge of London, only just within the M25 motorway which marks its boundary. Part of the difficulty many people face in getting to and away from Terminal 5 and the rest of Heathrow, is the sheer number of people trying to do the same thing. The airport is the fifth busiest in the world, and the busiest in Europe, handling an estimated 7000 passengers an hour.

Photo: Terminal5insider, Flickr

If you’re driving to the airport, remember that traffic can be bad in the immediate area. There are a number of types of airport parking available which can be booked online to save money.

Travelling by taxi can be a convenient and hassle free option, but it also tends to be expensive, so it pays to shop around a few firms before booking (often this can be done online). Black cabs are more convenient still, but pricey.

Buses and coaches travel to Terminal 5 from many locations around the country, most run by National Express, but with a few smaller companies too. Hiring a car might make sense for many, particularly if you’re in the UK on holiday and want to drive while you’re here. You’ll be able to pick up the car at the airport when you arrive, and drop it off when you leave.

By rail, both trains and tubes serve the Terminal 5 station, and provide a convenient and often fast route into town. The Heathrow Express service is the winner when it comes to speed – taking just twenty minutes into London’s Paddington station. Depending where you are planning to go in the city, you might find the tube more convenient.

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