Shops Before Security

Photo: Terminal5insider, Flickr

There is a fairly limited selection of shops before security. If you’re buying anything liquid, wait until you’re airside as you cannot take liquids in containers over 100ml through security.


Selling a wide range of fashion accessories to suit all tastes – this is the place to pick up beachwear, sunglasses, jewellery and bags.


Offering a range of personal care items, cosmetics and medical goods. This is a great one-stop shop for many essential travel and holiday items.


A fashionable Italian company selling high quality jewellery and watches. Their designs are based on old Greek and Roman art, updated for the modern market.

Excess Baggage Company:

If your bag breaks on the way to the airport, or you realise you haven’t got a lock for it, this is the place to come. They sell a wide range of bags, suitcases and other luggage related items. They will also wrap bags, and weigh them – useful if you think you might be over the airline’s allowed weight on check-in.

Glorious Britain:

A place for souvenirs and reminders of home.


For games, DVDs and CDs, as well as a range of entertainment accessorises, this is the place to come.

Rolling Luggage:

Like the Excess Baggage Company, this is a great place to come for last minute luggage, including bags, suitcases, locks and straps.


Selling a full range of phones and accessories, but this being an airport, they’ve tailored the range to suit travellers, with phones with particular travel-related features on offer.

W H Smith:

The place to come to pick up books, magazines or newspapers to read on the flight, as well as a range of stationery and snack foods.

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