Useful Contacts

If you have any further questions or are unsure of anything, then there are places you can contact for help. Many of the contact numbers for Terminal 5 are the same as those for the rest of Heathrow.

For general enquiries, Heathrow has a general information number you can call: 0870 000 0123

Enquiries specific to Terminal 5 should go to: 020 8745 5555

British Airways: 0870 850 9850

Lost property: 020 8745 7727

Heathrow Health Centre: 020 8745 7047

Heathrow Police Station: 020 8897 1212

Also see our getting there pages for transport contact information.

One thought on “Useful Contacts

  1. Janet M Clements

    Saturday 8th August. There was a chaos at Heathrow Terminal 5 as the luggage system had broken down. We saw 2 queues, and after queuing for 30 mins we were told we were in the wrong queue. Then a further 45 mins to get our bags labelled and back into the original queue. Before we did that the lady on the desk told us to speak to the person by the queue and tell him our departure time. He dismissed us quite rudely. Other people also commented on his manner whist we were queuing. No one was instructing us where to queue and in the 2 hours we stood there there was only 1 announcement over the tannoy which could not be heard. in the end we had to be ushered through else we would have missed our flight having arrived 3 hours prior to flight time. Machinery breaks down, but the lack of care and concern was very upsetting. Notices should have been put up and staff advising people where to queue.

    My case on flight IB3617 was lost and it took until the evening of day 5, of a 7 day holiday for it to be delivered. spoiling my holiday and birthday.


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