Terminal 5 has some excellent facilities, and its modern, well thought out design means that essential services are spread throughout the terminal, so you should be able to find what you need, when you need it.

Info points

An information zone is located in the arrivals hall for those who need advice, directions or travel information. As well as a member of staff on hand, there are computer information terminals. To find the information zone, turn right once you enter the terminal building. There are also smaller help points around the terminal.

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Toilets and showers

Toilets are available at a number of locations throughout departures and arrivals, both before and after security. Separate facilities are provided for men and women, and most also have an accessible unisex toilet. There are no showers in Terminal 5 other than in some British Airways lounges, which are restricted to BA first class customers, and members of their executive clubs.

Baby changing and feeding

If you’re travelling with a baby, then you’ll find changing and feeding rooms around the terminal. There are also baby changing tables in some toilets (both male and female). All are clearly signed.

Medical care

Terminal 5 has a medical centre for non-emergency care, located on the first floor. For medicine, there are branches of Boots the chemist both before and after security, although prescription medicines can only be obtained before security. If you need emergency care, telephone 222 from any internal phone, and ask the operator to send an ambulance to you.

Internet Access

If you need to use the internet, you’ll find kiosks at Café Nero and Lovejuice before security and in each of the main squares and at Bagel Street after security. These can be paid for by card, pre-paid voucher or cash in either pounds or euros. If you have a laptop, you can plug it in at the kiosks for wired access, or you can log on at one of the wireless hotspots, for a fee.

Phone and Fax

There are payphones available throughout the terminal, and these can be paid for by cash or card. There are both wheelchair accessible phones and text phones for the hard of hearing. There are no fax facilities (BA lounges may have some, but use of them is restricted to certain passengers). Post boxes are available at various locations.

2 thoughts on “Facilities

  1. Ian Watkin

    Does Terminal 5 have any UK suitcase delivery service providers ? We find that very useful at Narita, Tokyo. There are several firms in the concourse that deliver anywhere in Japan within 24 hours. Appreciate your advice.


    Having been Gold Executive Member for years then lowered to Silver Membership, I now find that due to “old age” and therefore flying less frequently I have this week been designated Bronze! My main complaint with BA is that they do not facilitate long term members at Terminal 5. Why can they not allow Bronze members to PAY for entry to one of the Lounges as there are no adequate facilities elsewhere in Terminal 5.


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