Heathrow T5

Welcome to heathrowterminal5.com, the definitive guide to the newest  terminal at the UK’s largest airport. Terminal 5 is used exclusively by British Airways, who fly from here to locations across the globe. Handling 30 million passengers a year, Terminal 5’s 40 metre high glass building was designed to make airport travel simple, with its layout encouraging easy movement through the terminal, from check in to the departure gate.

Photo: Jim Linwood, Flickr

For information on how to get to, and away from, Terminal 5, take a look at our getting there pages, covering bus and coach, train and tube, airport taxis and car hire. On the facilities pages, look out for information on facilities for children and disabled people, how to get help while you’re in the terminal, medical facilities and places you can get online. If you want to know where you’ll be able to get a meal, stock up on sun cream, or buy a book to read on the flight, the things to do pages have it covered.

On our flights pages, we have live feeds giving arrival and departure information – so you won’t need to worry about missing your flight or being late to pick someone up.

If you need to stay near the airport, then take a look at our hotel pages. While there are many hotels in the Heathrow area, not all of them are close to Terminal 5. We’ve found the ones that are closest, and put together some information on their rooms and facilities.

We’ve put together a guide to Terminal 5’s history, which gives some interesting information about how this unusual building came into being, and the controversy that surrounded its creation.

Alternative Airports

If you can’t find the flight you need from Terminal 5, Heathrow has another 3 terminals (4 once the current redevelopment of Terminal 2 is completed) from which all major international airlines fly to locations across the world. London also has smaller airports at Gatwick, Stansted and Luton. Flights from Stansted and Luton are mainly short-haul and domestic, while Gatwick has many long-haul flights too. There is also London City Airport, the only central London airport, but aimed mainly at business customers.